16 Rules for Investors to Live By - Part 2 (...so 8)

16 Rules for Investors to Live By - Part 2 (...so 8)

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See Part 1. The following is the last 8 of a list that appeared in the Wall Street Journal entitled, "16 Rules for Investors to Live By," by Morgan Housel.





 8 Rules for Investors to Live By

  1. A couple of times per decade, investors forget that recessions happen a couple of times per decade.
  2. Don’t check your brokerage account once a day and your blood pressure only once a year.
  3. You should pay the most attention to the investor who talks about his or her mistakes.
  4. Change your mind when the facts change.
  5. Read past stock-market predictions, and you will take current predictions less seriously.
  6. There is no such thing as a normal economy, or a normal stock market.
  7. It can be difficult to tell the difference between luck and skill in investing.
  8. You are only diversified if some of your investments are performing worse than others.

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