Growing or Dying

The status quo does not exist in today’s business. You are either growing or fading away. There was a time when a business owner could just do enough to provide a very nice living, a kind of lifestyle entrepreneur. Today, that philosophy just hastens the demise of a business.

Business has always been about growth. We are all seeking out ways to continue the steady growth of our businesses. It’s illusive and ever changing. It requires us to stay focused on the future and to direct our business toward that future.

Think of growing a business like climbing a mountain, a mountain with no end in sight, just a series of new summits of growth.

Try this approach.

Transport yourself to the summit and look back to where you are currently. Now, visualize what it will take to scale to this next level of growth. Describe what the business looks like. What new capabilities have you provided to your customers or clients? What does your staff look like? What new systems, processes, plant and equipment are required to get to this new summit?

Viewing from the top is much easier than viewing the future from the bottom, the starting place. It is also the way our brain gets engaged quickly. When we visualize and then write down our future company, our brain actively begins to figure out how to make this happen.

You have done this before.

Remember 5, 10 or 20 years ago when you were half or a quarter as big as you are today? Take a minute to look back at those summits you achieved in the past. Wouldn’t it be much easier building a picture of the future and pulling your company forward than pushing forward from where you are presently?

Think of it like building a box. It is about defining your future company and creating the structure of the future company. Our brain loves concreteness. It craves structure and specifics. To make the future normal, we need to think about the future company as normal. Making it normal is about defining it; defining the floor, walls, ceiling, doors and windows right down to the color of the paint of our future company.

Making it normal makes it real.

What are some ways to make your future company normal? Sign up for this blog and tune in next week.


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