The Confident Rider: Driving Behavioral Change in Your Business

Change can be a confidence killer but behavioral change is definitely a confidence killer.

What is behavioral change? Think back to the 90’s – when you were away for lunch, your missed calls would be written on a piece of paper and you would then return the calls.

Then e-mail arrived, completely changing how and when we respond to people.  It required a whole new system – a new behavior – of how to work with e-mail day in and day out. There were a whole set of steps that occurred slowly over a period of time. Some of those steps were difficult. So, behavioral change is where we have to change substantively from what we currently do to something new and probably uncomfortable.

The world today changes even more quickly. I would like to offer a tip and a story that comes from a book I read.  The book is Switch by Chip and Dan Heath subtitled How to Change Things When Change is Hard.

As Chip and Dan explain, to encourage change you need to be aware of three key elements: the elephant, the rider and the environment. The elephant is your passion, your heart. It pushes forward to get things done.  The rider sees and understands; he’s your analytical mind. He makes the decisions and directs the elephant. Finally, the environment is the jungle that you must pass through as you deal with business every day.

So, how can these elements help you bring about change? Think of it this way…

If you just get motivated, passionate for change, your elephant will run around with no direction creating a big mess. A lot of motivation and passion but nothing else. If you focus only on the rider then you find yourself directing without motivation, analyzing decision after decision, looking at each possibility without the passion to move forward. Again nothing happens.

When you put the rider and elephant together you then have direction with motivation. You then have the jungle to pass through. Suddenly you are faced with tigers and snakes and no path to follow. At this point, you might say, “Forget it. This is too hard. I’ll just go back and do what I was doing before.” So you need a path; something that helps you move along towards your final destination.

When you put these three things together, it looks like this – you are motivating the elephant, directing the rider and shaping the path.

In today’s ever changing world, behavioral change is a constant. And it’s difficult; sometimes it may not even happen. We have found having these three elements in place can push your organization forward with confidence.

This method form is a confidence builder. Try it.

If you want to read Switch, let us know. We’ll be happy to send you a free copy.


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