The Step by Step Approach to Achieve Your Goals

Last time we covered why goals are important. Simply, you want to work in roles where you are uniquely qualified, where you can have fun. To get there, you and your company need a clear goal, one that is written down.

So, how can you capture your goals?

Start with a great question. Try this one from The Strategic Coach® Program. It’s called the Dan Sullivan Question® and goes like this:

If we meet three years from today, and you were looking back over those three years, what has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?

This future-based question can quickly lead you to what has to happen over the next three years and all the way to today. Try it. Ask yourself the question, write it down and build that future picture.

Another tool that may help as well is the John Whitmore Model, which uses a three word acronym:

• SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-phased

• PURE – positively stated, understood, relevant, and ethical

• CLEAR – challenging, legal, environmentally sound, agreed and recorded.

And remember, write down your goals. This is very important.

Take some time and start with your three year goal. Make it specific and measurable so you then can identify a one-year goal, a first step toward reaching the big goal. Perhaps your three-year goal is to increase your profits by 500%. Your first step, the first year goal, could be to grow profits 100%.

As you might suspect, quarterly goals follow. I suggest you take one day a quarter and write down 3 to 5 key steps the business needs to take to meet your one year goal. Share these and the one year goal with your staff, so they can write up their own goals that they will need to achieve during the quarter.

Quarterly goals then drive specified actions. The best way for your teams to successfully develop a clear and manageable set of actions is to break them down into 30 day chunks. They will be able to visualize and determine each week the three things they need to accomplish each day of that week.

Just three and, of course, they must be written down. Your brain will take this in, focus you and help develop a daily sense of accomplishment. That’s how your goals become reality and get you in the “Flow”.

If you are interested in a really good book about how our brain works try Brain Rules by John Medina. If you sign up for the blog today, we will send you a copy of Brain Rules. I think you will really enjoy it.


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