Continual Learning for Business Leaders

We know that continual learning is critical for keeping your company healthy and growing. Today I want to cover some approaches for you, the business leader, to consider.

There are a couple of programs, somewhat structured, that you may already be involved with. There is YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) and Vistage (formerly called Tek). There’s the Strategic Coach® program as well as other executive and personal coaching programs. Lots of different options to choose from.

They all have the basic theme of a once a month or once a quarter gathering where you get to work on your business rather than in your business. I think most people that are attracted to those programs come for two major reasons.

First, there’s the content and experience of thinking about your business on a regular, on-going basis. You get the opportunity to interact with your peers who are dealing with the exact same issues or perhaps issues that you hadn’t even thought of. The industries may be different but not the issues.

You get ideas and work back and forth with each other. I think that this is great way to continually learn.  I know that it works for me and most other folks in the programs I’m in.

Second, it’s a great way to re-energize and rejuvenate. That energy I bring back allows me to try out and learn from some new ideas, so I can come back a quarter later to share experiences and improve on them.

If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to check into a few of these valuable programs. They are great tools for enhancing your business learning.

Of course, these programs aren’t for everybody.  Some people would rather do things informally. Steve Jobs immediately comes to mind. As you get from reading his book, Steve’s the kind of guy who learned best when he got an idea and then just started pitching it.

He might fly somewhere to talk to someone about it; or he would walk down the hallway, grab people and start chatting about different things and pitching his idea to test and learn from their feedback. It is a less structured, more informal way of going around and working on the business, on an “as you see fit” basis. It can work well.  Jobs did some of his best learning through these informal connections.

It doesn’t really matter which way you learn. Use what works best for you. What does matter is that you embrace continual learning and that you do it outside of the realm of your day-to-day activities.

Otherwise, you’re not sharpening your axe; you’re just keeping your nose to the grindstone. Technological change, obsolescence, and other high impact things are happening out there. You’ve got to be able to see them beforehand.

If not, as I talked about in the last blog, your business could be gone before you know it. It’s very important to lift yourself up and away from your business, so you can truly see your business and the environment you are operating in.

At Coyle Financial, we embrace learning on a regular basis at every level of our company. We find that one of our best methods for learning is teaching. That is why we offer this blog as well as seminars and webinars.

Look into our newest seminar: Taking Charge of Your Wealth. Go to our website at, find an upcoming date and sign up to keep your personal lifelong learning fresh. You’ll walk away with some new and unexpected perspectives.

Feel free to contact us directly to learn more about simplifying and gaining clarity of your overall wealth picture. Continue on your path of lifelong learning.

So until next time, enjoy.

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