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Clarity. It makes me think of a perfect golf swing. It feels effortless; the ball flies straight and long and true, exactly where we want it to go. It seems like there was nothing to it whatsoever. Everything happens at once without thinking about it. It seems like you have this pure instinct for the shot.

But it’s not instinct; not even for the best. It has come from lots and lots of practice. There are a lot of pieces that have to fall right into place.

Let me give you an example of how to create this in your business. A guy named Jay Goltz started Artists’ Frame Service in 1978 in Chicago. Jay is an interesting guy, a great entrepreneur. He really understood how to run a business.

His daily practice utilized clear and simple processes that he put in place. For the framing process, he had four basic rules everybody had to follow. They were clear and straightforward. The process was automatic and consistent. The result: 99.7% accuracy on all their framing jobs. A near-perfect swing.

Throughout his company, Jay delivered clarity to his employees – both in terms of processes and expectations. In his book, Small Giants, Bo Burlingham walks through in more detail Jay’s approach to management of his business. I thought this presented a great example of a business owner who understands that putting all the elements together, with clarity on top, can make his business work smoothly and successfully.

So how does this work in your business? What do you see clearly when you’re out there just trying to grow and run your business? How do you get your team to see clearly?  I think it comes down to putting clarity on the top of a pyramid. Within the pyramid are your marketing, your innovation and your processes. It includes your team. Each of these elements requires a clear picture of your mission, your vision and your path to growth.

It’s all of these elements coming together clearly that drive your confidence to move forward with your business. At the same time, you face a constantly shifting and moving environment. It’s clarity that helps you navigate through and execute seamlessly and automatically. Then your business is fun, it’s exciting, it’s enjoyable and successful.

At Coyle Financial, we find that one of the most important goals of our clients is to gain greater clarity about their wealth. One of our best methods of instilling clarity is through teaching. That is why we offer this blog as well as seminars and webinars.

Look into our newest seminar: Taking Charge of Your Wealth. Go to our website at, find an upcoming date and sign up to find out how you can gain greater clarity of your financial situation. You’ll walk away with some new and unexpected perspectives.

Or feel free to contact us directly at 800-853-4108. We can arrange a free consultation where we can personalize that clarity around your specific needs. And continue on that path toward greater clarity.

So until next time, enjoy.

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