New Name, New Focus

We’ve refocused and renamed our blog: Money Changes Life, Life Changes Money.

90% of the folks that we meet with and those that become clients have had some major change.

A major transition was taking place in their lives at the time they contacted us.

This blog will speak to many of those changes – those issues that were of the greatest concern at the time they came in. During those times, people usual find themselves frustrated, confused and surrounded by complex questions that they need to work through. Some people will feel powerless.

These issues come up infrequently but, when they do, they can be all-encompassing. From our experience, the issues are far-ranging, such as

Death of a spouse
Sudden money
Selling a business
Transitioning a business or
Transitioning an estate

Each can be very disconcerting because the status quo doesn’t stay that way. It starts to change in various areas of your life and your relationships, including you relationship to money. The ways to address any of these issues is not algorithmic; it’s both objective and subjective. And there are challenges to defining the problem and the solution.

People often find that the problem is not the problem and the solution is not necessarily the solution, but rather

The solution is how to think about the problem.

When you do think about what the problem really is and how to look at it, things become clear. They become simple. The solutions and actions become not just knee-jerk but bigger, better and quicker to resolve.

That’s how you work your way through these transitions. Find someone who can ask some great questions. Great questions lead to great answers and great insights, which allow you to make good decisions. Good decision-making helps you to settle down and ultimately find your way back to that feeling of normal.

That’s what we hope to provide through these pages and in the accompanying videos. Something that you can watch or read that will raise those questions and support you through those changes.

In addition to the weekly updates, we will be providing valuable information such as links to resources, book reviews, and relevant information that will help you through life’s challenges.

Of course, you can always call us (800-480-7913) or come in for a consultation. For whatever change, whatever transition you may be going through in your life. We’ll provide you with that outside help by asking great questions.

We’d like to be there to help you along the way. You’ll see new posts on a weekly basis. Some of them will hit you right where you are; others won’t. We’d love to hear from you any time you have comments.

Thank you for checking out Money Changes Life, Life Changes Money. If this is your first time here, please sign up for our weekly updates.

So until next time, enjoy.

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