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Changing your health can be a difficult but rewarding battle. The weight loss challenge is an obvious one. Rewarding? All you need to think of is Jared Fogle, the Subway guy turned pitchman. He lost 245 pounds. And he’s kept it off. Nothing short of astonishing. Plus he launched a new career.

Jared may be an extreme but his transition illustrates what most of us go through at some point with our health. This is particularly true as we get older. In many ways the transitions happening with your health are more challenging; often the issue (not the solution) is out of our control. Bad cholesterol or high blood pressure; diabetes or a heart attack.

The medical solutions are available – medications, diet change, stents put in. It makes you feel mortal and starts you asking “Where will I be and how can I continue to be healthy into my 80s and beyond?” Here’s one way to get some insight into that.

A few years ago, I found a great book that I have shared with quite a few people. It talks about “staying 50” way into your 80s and ways to do that. The book, Younger Next Year, is written by Dr. Henry Lodge, a prominent internist, and his patient, 70 year-old Chris Crowley.

The two of them alternate chapters, first with the science from Dr. Lodge, and then a real world perspective from Crowley. It’s light and humorous, thought-provoking and very well done. There’s a separate version for men and women.

You’ll find things you would expect, like nutrition and exercise. But it’s also useful for any transition you’re experiencing, whether it’s health, money or life in general. When I talk to people these topics always intertwine. How could they not?

Younger Next Year is a great starting point to look into how health changes perspective on all of life’s questions and plans. It’s both physical and mental. Maybe you’re facing some of these questions; maybe a friend or family member is. Get them a copy. I was amazed when a friend of mine told me it changed his whole outlook.

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Other books by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge:

Younger Next Year for Women

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