Author a Book in 90 Days

You heard that right. 90 days. Sounds kind of unbelievable, but it has been done.

The “90 days” idea was introduced to me by the Strategic Coach® Program about a year ago. As a firm, we did exactly that – completed a book in 90 days.  The experience was a real life changer.

I’ve met a lot of folks who have reached that point personally or professionally. They want to write a book to get ideas out of their heads, ideas they have been thinking about for years. For some authors, it’s about just that – getting it out of their heads.

For many, it’s about sharing experiences and demonstrating ACE – authority, credibility and exclusivity. We’ve found that is very important to authors. If they’re going to put their ideas out there, they want their audience to view them as an authority – someone with credibility and an exclusive perspective.

To complete a 90-day book requires that you quickly gain a very clear sense of what your big idea is and how your smaller ideas fit within it. Equally important you must have a process in place to move these ideas through and into a book. It is very important to get both married up. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Authoring – the key to getting off the ground. Notice I did not say writing. Writing is the biggest roadblock to getting your book out there. So here’s some good news: you don’t need to write.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. A powerful book; a bestseller. Written by Stephen Covey. Well not exactly.  He was the author.  He had several people following him around for six months to all his different conferences. Then they wrote the book using his ideas.

You would be surprised how many books are authored by one person and written by someone else. So this is not about you having to be the writer.  All you have to be is the author, the authority, of your book.

Technology – the key to speed and independence. Today, more and more people are self-publishing; technology has made this easy.  You can go to CreateSpace, an Amazon company, or to Lulu, another self-publishing company. They’ll show you all you need to know about publishing a book. They can walk you through the whole process.  You can print one copy or 1,000 copies, and it’s very inexpensive.

More than just the publishing, you can hire editors online.  You can hire writers online.  You can hire graphic artists online. Whatever you don’t want to do yourself, you can find online. And for much less than you would imagine.

Mindset – the key to 90 days. You can’t get there with just a good writer and an online guide. There are three critical elements that you have to have in place to get all this done in 90 days.

First, rid yourself of the procrastination beast. This is true in all areas of your life, but no book will ever get done without eliminating procrastination. Second, you’ve got to pull a team together. Hate writing? Get a writer. Can’t draw a picture? Hate to fact-check? It takes a team. But as we said above, teams new can be found cheaply and effectively online.

Finally you must be able to embrace failure. What I mean by that is, the first time you put your book out, it’s going to have some holes in it.  And that’s okay.  You have to accept that up front, that’s the only way to get it out of your head and onto paper.

Once it’s on paper, you can change it.  That’s the power of embracing failure.

First Steps – A great opportunity. We loved putting our book together so much that we decided to put together a free workshop to see if other people wanted to take a first step to writing their books. So far, we’ve run three workshops for about 30 people. Almost half of them have written their book or are in the process of doing just that.

Sign up for a workshop. We’ll teach you some techniques to quickly gain a very clear sense of what your big idea is and how to build your smaller ideas into it. We’ll also introduce you to a process that will help you create your book in 90 days. You’ll get to meet other authors who are in the same place.

If you’ve read this far, you’re ready to author that book and get it out of your head. Our next workshop is on September 12th, so call (800-480-7913) or e-mail us to sign up. You’ll be amazed how far your ideas will take you.

You’re book is just 90 days away.

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