No Second Chances

About a week ago, I was at a kiosk, getting my boarding pass to fly back from New York. There’s this young Japanese couple nearby; I could tell that they were really frustrated. They were asking for help and they weren’t getting much attention.

They quickly come up to the agent and say “Hey, we’re going to miss our flight. We’ve been here a half an hour; we’ve been asking for help, but nobody’s helping us.” The agent says very calmly, “Now, remain very calm and we will get to you. Nothing will get done if you continue to be excited and trying to badger us to help you out. “

Well, of course, this gentleman says excitedly “Look, we’re going to miss our plane. It’s leaving in an hour.” Many of us have been there before, but then another agent, who is working with someone else, turns to them and says “You know, if you don’t be quiet, I’m going to send your bags to Alaska.”

Seriously, he actually said that. I’m shocked (and wishing I was taking a video to put on YouTube). Clearly this airline is getting no second chance. A mistake beyond repair, beyond apology. I’m sure this poor couple will never fly with this particular airline again. Would you?

It just reminded me how, when tensions are high, the wrong things are said and bad decisions are made.

We see it frequently during times of transition, where emotions are on edge. An upcoming wedding, the birth of a child, the death of a spouse or parent. Retirement. So many transitions we face. And there are rarely second chances

These transitions come with new issues to address, while your emotions are heightened. This is when you need to look for someone with LRC.

LRC is a model that we try to use when we’re looking for help or simply looking for vendors and others to work with. The L stands for leadership. Leadership is what gives us direction: tell me what I need to do and where I need to go.

The R is for relationship. It’s what gives you confidence. Think of your best relationships. You want those people to truly know who you are. You want them to know you because when you’re looking to make decisions in tough times, they can give you advice that you’re confident in. They’re invested in you; that breeds confidence.

Finally, C is for creativity. Creativity is about giving you new capabilities and knowledge. They’re bringing you the knowledge that you need to move along, to be able to do the things you need to do.

LRC can make a huge difference when you find yourself in those difficult transitions in life, those transitions where there are rarely second chances. You go through them once. They need to be taken care of appropriately, with empathy and understanding, and with a high level of service.

If you’re in one of those transitions and want someone to talk to for perspective or just as another set of ears, please give us a call at 800-480-7913. With our second opinion service, we’ve helped a lot of people work their way through transitional challenges and put a framework in place. We’d love to do the same for you.

So, until next time, enjoy.

If you want to learn more about LRC, take a look at our December 2012 Observer Newsletter.

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