Cultivating Confidence

During life’s difficult transitions, it’s easy to lose confidence. But, setting reasonable goals and getting the right people behind you will have you back in stride before you know it.

Key Takeaways

  • When going through a tough transition, your confidence is likely to slip. Try to stay organized and get three positive things accomplished every day.
  • Transitions dealing with money and life can be especially difficult, frustrating and make you feel powerless.
  • Having family, friends and professional advisors on your side will keep you accountable and less likely to lose confidence during life’s tough transitions.

Confidence. When you have it, everything’s possible. When you don’t, everything seems like a failure. Remember the 2008 Beijing Olympics, when American superstar Michael Phelps’ goggles filled up with water midway through his fourth race of the games—the exhausting 200-meter butterfly? Did Phelps panic or drop out of the race? No. He stayed calm, kept on going and out-touched his rivals for the gold medal by seven-tenths of a second.

Afterwards, Phelps explained that during his training for the Games, his coach made sure he was prepared for anything. He even practiced swimming in the dark, so a loss of vision, no matter what the circumstances, wouldn’t derail his focus or confidence.

When life hits you with a left hook 

It’s kind of how life is. We get smacked with something out of the blue, and most of the time we’re not prepared for it. Suppose you’re entering retirement or moving your household to another state or you lose a loved one. Many of these kinds of transitions involve money and life factors. They can be frustrating and difficult. They can make you feel powerless and lose confidence.

The very first thing to do when dealing with a difficult life event is to get organized. Set reasonable goals and try to get just three things done every day. It doesn’t matter how small or trivial those items may seem. As long as you feel you’ve accomplished something positive every day, your confidence will keep building.

It’s also important to include important people in your life: friends, family and advisors, for instance. So as you’re moving through life’s transitions with this new approach, you’re getting three things done a day and you’ve got the right people behind you every step of the way. What happens? Your confidence continues to grow, and suddenly everything you thought was impossible and overwhelming is now possible.

Research shows that four out of five successful families are actively looking for an advisor, especially during times of transition. If you are one of those folks, we have a free “second opinion service.” Contact us for more information.


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