Author Your Book in 90 Days

Here’s how to ACE the process

Key Takeaways

  • Authoring a book puts you in select company and positions you as an authoritative expert on your unique niche in the world.
  • Advances in technology and digital publishing have eliminated many of the traditional barriers to book publishing.
  • ACE stands for Authority, Credibility and Exclusivity. It’s how you get your special wisdom and passion out to the world so everyone who reads your book can benefit from it.

Believe it not, you can publish an authoritative book in about 90 days. The reason I bring this up is that many of you have told us that you’d love to get all your great insights and ideas out of your head and onto paper so you can share them with the world. But it seemed there were just too many obstacles.

However, thanks to new processes and technology, the barriers to publishing are so much easier to overcome. That frees you up to focus on getting your passion, wisdom and insights gained over the years down on paper.

Overcoming book-publishing barriers

The first obstacle is intimidation, because most of us know how terribly difficult it is to author and write books and put them out. The second barrier is procrastination, which typically stems from fear of failure. The third barrier is not having a team around to help you. You need a trusted team behind you to give the book project some energy, life and momentum.

Again, thanks to CreateSpace with Amazon, Lulu and other digital publishing solutions, you just organize your thoughts in a template and you can print only as many books as you need—even just one at a time—very inexpensively.

My own publishing journey

To see how quickly things have changed consider this: It took me eight years to get out my first book, Changing the Conversation, but it took only 90 days to get out my second book, The Business Battlefield. Now, these are short books—one-hour reads—not novels. But trust me, people read them. It’s about getting this idea out of your head, becoming an author and using the principles of ACE: Authority, Credibility and Exclusivity. You want to show the world that you’re truly passionate and knowledgeable about something so they can benefit from your wisdom and apply it to their own lives.

To help you out, we have workshops on June 19 and October 7 about authoring a book in 90 days. We’re glad to help you find your inspiration and think through the process. By the way, this book-authoring process was brought to me by The Strategic Coach® Program, a coaching program I’ve been in for 16 years. It’s a clean, neat, very clear process to help you author your book in 90 days. Until next time, enjoy.

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