The LRC Team

Leadership, relationship and creativity are keys to a successful client-advisor relationship. How do your advisors stack up?

Key Takeaways

  • If your advisors are not providing you with the leadership, relationship and creativity you need, then don’t be afraid to shop around.
  • Are your advisors pulling you closer toward your goals or pushing you to where they want you to go?
  • Do your advisors listen? Are they proactive? Are they capable? Do they pull rather than push?

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About 15 years ago, I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for a procedure. At the time, Mayo was one of only three places in the country doing the procedure I needed. But that’s not the story. The story is about the service and attention I received from doctors and staff who really listened to me and showed how much they cared about me. After a full day of appointments and tests, the doctor who would ultimately perform my procedure spent an hour and 15 minutes with me beforehand, just listening carefully and responding to what I said. I was absolutely floored by how different that experience was from how I usually get treated by the medical community.

LRC: Hitting on all three cylinders

The Mayo Clinic really excels at what we call LRC: Leadership, Relationship and Creativity. LRC is something that I learned about from The Strategic Coach® Program, and it boils down to this:

  1. They give patients like me clear direction about what we should do and what makes most sense for us.
  2. Relationship gives me a lot of confidence. When that doctor was listening very carefully, I was confident that he understood exactly what I was looking for.
  3. Creativity is about providing new capabilities. In this case, Mayo was one of only three places in the country that could do this procedure–they had the capability.

Mayo Clinic hits on all three cylinders. That’s so important, because in our industry and many others, there’s constant pressure to sell, sell, sell all the time. In other words, pushing things at you rather than pulling you in the direction you want to go. You want advisors who:

  1. Really listen. Like my doctor at Mayo.
  2. Are proactive. They see things coming up and have systems in place to help you move forward.
  3. Are capable. They’re able to bring you the latest and greatest financial, tax and estate strategies available.
  4. Have an overall pull approach that’s designed to pull you to where you want to go, not necessarily to where they want you to go.

When we put an expert resource management team together for clients–an accountant, attorney, wealth advisor, possibly a banker and other professionals–we look for those who follow the principles above. They’re not siloed. They share with each other. They’re proactive rather than reactive. They don’t let months and years go by without checking in with you to see how you’re doing.

If you’re looking to put an advisory team together, or if you’re not happy with your current team, please give us a call. We can certainly help you or direct you to professionals who can.

Until next time, enjoy. Gary
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