Exponential Organizations—Be One Now!

Key Takeaways

  • Exponential companies take something that’s inefficient, bureaucratic and static and turn it on its head.
  • Think about breakthroughs you can make in your business—before someone else does. Do it today!
  • Soon, more than one billion Africans will have cell phones, and within five years, two-thirds of the planet will be on the Web. Understand how that’s going to affect the way you make a living.

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Did you know that Uber, the company that’s disrupting the taxi business worldwide, accounts for over half of all rides in San Francisco? Did you know that Airbnb, the company’s that’s disrupting the hotel business by offering travelers all sorts of accommodations in private homes and other unlikely places, is now one of the world’s largest hotel chains even though it has only 1,500 employees?

Uber and Airbnb are examples of “exponential organizations” that have eliminated the inefficient, bureaucratic, status quo mind-set and made highly attractive offerings to consumers. And when these exponential organizations come into an industry, change happens extremely fast.

Do you work for a leader or a follower?

Are you working at an exponential organization or at an organization that’s just trying to stay with the pack? It you said the latter, well, that’s a dangerous place to be whether you’re an owner or an employee. You have to ask yourself (honestly) the following questions: “Who’s at the controls of our company?” and “Who’s doing something about the future of this company?” You also have to ask yourself about your own future and how you’ll make a living as the world goes increasingly digital.

For instance, Sub-Sahara Africa is approaching one billion cell phones, so the government’s not investing in the infrastructure for telephone lines there. Likewise, they’re not building as many roads, since they’ll be using drones to transport medicines back and forth between remote villages. Africa’s population is coming into a world that’s already experienced ways of making it easier to connect and do things they couldn’t do before.

So, how can you make breakthroughs in your business like Uber (taxi), Amazon (retail) and Skype (long distance communication) have done in theirs? It doesn’t have to be on the same scale, but I bet your organization has some ways of changing the game. You’ll need to. By 2020, two-thirds of the planet (66%) will be on the Web, up from 23 percent as recently as 2010. That 40 percent difference translates into roughly three billion more people! That’s a lot of folks coming online and consuming products and services in a whole new way. You would be wise to understand how that influx of wired consumers will affect your business both domestically and internationally.

So ask yourself who’s really at the controls of your business. If it’s not you and it’s someone else, then make sure you’re controlling where your business life is taking you so you can be successful in any endeavor you pursue.

Just some food for thought. Enjoy.

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