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Key Takeaways

  • Thanks to the Internet of Things, advanced technologies are being built into everyday items that we use, and soon we won’t even notice.
  • From virtual reality, drones and wireless power to affordable data mining, instant translation and voice control, today’s technologies aren’t futuristic gimmicks, but are affordable tools for solving everyday problems.
  • Understanding the power of today’s new technologies gives you yet another way to be a valued solution provider for your individual and business clients.

Remember The Jetsons, the popular cartoon from the 1960s and 1970s? Family man George Jetson worked for Spacely Sprockets and used to complain about his “slave driver” boss who made him press more buttons every day than anybody else at the company. It was a satirical but morose look at the future. But as Peter Diamandis pointed out in his annual Abundance 360 summit, a number of cutting-edge technologies are affordable and easy to use for everyday people:

  1. Virtual reality. Thanks to a company called Magic Leap, you can put on a helmet and have a real-time meeting with someone else anywhere in the world. You’ll both think you’re on a beach or another exotic location.
  2. Drones. A company called ZANO provides palm-sized quadcopter drones that give you high-definition aerial video capabilities. For instance, you can fly over distribution centers and warehouses and keep tabs on your competitors’ activities.
  3. Wireless power. uBeam and Ossia, among other companies, enable you to charge your smartphone, laptop, wearables and other items completely wirelessly.
  4. Affordable data mining and machine learning. Thanks to Experfy and other online clearinghouses, you can now hire a freelance data scientist to build an algorithm for you or run a deep data project for you on an inexpensive, contract basis. Now even the smallest of businesses can take advantage of data mining and machine learning that until recently, only the big boys with lots of money, people and expertise on staff could do.
  5. Genome testing. It’s hard to believe, but the first genome test back in 2001 cost $100 million, and now it’s down to $1,000 to get your genome tested. This will have a profound impact on longevity, and far more people will live to 100 than at any time in our history.
  6. Voice control. We’ve come a long way from Dragon Naturally Speaking and Siri, which a lot of you use on your iPhones. We now have Google Translate and Skype Translate, which enable you to have real-time conversations in your own language with someone who speaks only a foreign language.

Increasingly we’ll have the Internet of Things, which is a web-based technology seamlessly built into everyday items that we use. It’s really a very exciting future and much better than the creators of The Jetsons ever could have imagined

We’d thought you’d be interested in these technology trends that shape our lives. Until next time, enjoy.

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