Clarity – Now More Important Than Ever

Key Takeaways

  • When modern technology (and life) has you feeling overwhelmed, try to stay in a state of clarity.
  • Successful people unplug from technology on a regular basis so they can recharge themselves mentally and gain true clarity.
  • There are five keys to clarity: exercising, rejuvenating yourself, eliminating baggage, establishing boundaries and having a purpose in life.

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Remember the 2009 movie “He’s Just Not That Into You,” starring Drew Barrymore as a young woman trying to get a date in the modern world? In one scene she says, “He emailed, texted and My Spaced me and now I have to go to all these portal technologies to check in to see if anything has come in—it’s exhausting!”

I know that’s how I feel sometimes, and I know a lot of you feel that way with the new world. Smartphones and all the other new technologies are supposed to make our lives simpler…and they haven’t.

What to do? Always try to stay in a state of clarity and have the confidence to make smart decisions. When we make smart decisions, good things happen, actions take place and we go down a purposeful path in life. Clarity gets us focused on where we want to go.

5 keys to clarity

  1. Exercise. It does several important things. First, it moves your lymphatic system around and helps remove the toxins from your system while it oxygenates your blood. That raises your alertness, reduces stress and can even raise your IQ.
  2. Rejuvenate. This is simpler than it seems. This is a matter of turning everything off and getting away from your busy hectic life. It doesn’t matter if you’re retired or if you’re working. I know a very successful business owner who intentionally looks for foreign countries to visit where he knows his smartphone won’t work, just so he can disconnect and rejuvenate.
  3. Eliminate baggage from your past. Get rid of anything that’s dragging you down or draining your energy. Every few months find some personal baggage and get rid of it.
  4. Establish boundaries. For instance, make sure everyone in your life—co-workers, family and friends—know that you won’t respond to texts and emails during the weekends. Or when you go on vacation or even out to the golf course, keep the cell phone turned off or even leave it at home. Make it clear to everybody around you what those boundaries are. You won’t be that far behind on any messages that come in, and you’ll come back refreshed and thinking more clearly.
  5. Have a purpose. Why the heck are you getting out of bed every day? You’ve got to have a purpose. Otherwise, what’s life all about? You need to be excited about the future and really want to address the day.

These are traits that highly successful people I’ve come across seem to have in common.

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Until next time, enjoy.

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