The Learning Cycle

Key Takeaways

  • When you commit to writing down and discussing your goals with others, you increase your odds of achieving them.
  • A learning cycle is a great technique for personal performance optimization—it requires you to think about and discuss your goals, write them down, and then plan and execute them.
  • Don’t forget our Open House on November 9 at our new Naples, Florida, office.

When golf superstar Tiger Woods was asked how he prepared for the high-pressure Masters tournament every year, he talked about his preparation routine. Every morning before going out to play the course, he and his caddy would walk all 18 holes, look carefully at pin placements and other aspects of the difficult course, and figure out how to attack it during competition. Then Woods would practice putting and driving before actually hitting his first tee shot. That routine must work for Woods, because he’s won nearly 80 professional golf tournaments, including 14 “majors” such as the Masters.

What Woods was doing before each round was what we call a “learning cycle”—a process that helps you obtain the best possible results for any challenge, project or initiative you tackle. It’s something I learned from The Strategic Coach® program.

Learning cycles have five key components:

  1. Think about it.
  2. Write it down.
  3. Discuss it.
  4. Plan it.
  5. Execute it.

Let’s look closer at each component:

  1. Think about it. You’ve been contemplating some things your entire life, while others just randomly pop into your head and you want to address them. It could be anything ranging from a new job, your estate, your family, your investments, your taxes or wealth building. Get each thought together before you…
  2. Write it down. Writing things down accesses a different part of your brain that helps you clarify the issues and see them from a new perspective.
  3. Discuss it. Now that you’ve documented your thoughts and concerns, you need to talk them over with someone whom you can trust to listen carefully—a mentor, a friend, an associate or a financial advisor. Discussing will help you gain clarity.
  4. Plan it out.
  5. Execute it.

By going through this five-step learning process, you can increase your odds of achieving the highest possible positive results. Even world-record-holding sprinter Usain Bolt spent four years of diligent planning to win the gold medal in the 100-meter dash at the 2016 Rio Olympics—a race that took less than 10 seconds. He went through the same learning cycle we’re talking about in this post.


Learning cycles have been very effective for us here, and they can work for you as well. Speaking of learning, we have an Open House coming up on Wednesday, November 9, at our new office in Naples, Florida. We have an estate planning attorney, a CPA, and an insurance specialist joining our team to answer your questions. We’ll also show you cool new technology. So if you’re in the Naples area on November 9, we would love to see you there. You can RSVP here.

Until next time, enjoy.


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