6 Needs That Won’t Change

Key Takeaways

  • According to Tony Robbins, there are 6 deep human needs that do not change.
  • These 6 needs can apply to money and how we use it and operate with it throughout our lives.
  • Money is a tool that has the potential to help us balance between our fears and our wants.

What won’t change in life? Politics, religion, baseball? There are a few things that will remain constant in life, and we can add deep human needs to that list. According to Tony Robbins in a conference I went to recently, he’s identified 6 of these deep human needs that won’t change.

We go through a lot of transitions in life from the time we are born until we die, and lots of money transitions throughout that timeframe as well. Let’s see how these 6 deep human needs apply to money in particular:

  1. Certainty. This is about comfort. We want to have some certainty about what’s going on with our investments, and we’d like to have things that are somewhat more certain in that area than not.
  2. Uncertainty. This is about variety and surprises. We don’t typically mind the variety and diversification we have with money because it makes a difference in making sure we stay on track with what we want to do. We tend to like the good surprises, and not the bad ones, but they are bound to happen with money.
  3. Significance. What’s important to us, what’s meaningful to us, what’s special? Many times, money allows us to be able to do the things necessary or have the opportunity to make the choices that allow us to achieve our meaningful endeavors.
  4. Connection. We need friendships, and conversations with those friends. Many times, it’s hard to do that unless you can go to a location where your friends live. Money is a medium and a tool that allows you to meet with them.
  5. Growth. If you aren’t growing, you’re dying. If your assets aren’t growing, they’re going down. It doesn’t feel good when that happens, so it’s important to ensure continued growth.
  6. Contribution. This is about going beyond ourselves, and that falls in to the philanthropy area. We can spend a lot of our time at that, or we can give money to various causes that we believe in and want to support going forward in life.

Tony Robbins has a little saying about dealing with these 6 deep human needs: “Life is the dance between what we fear the most, and what we want the most.” Money is the tool that can help us hopefully balance between those two ends from fears to wants.

Until next time. Enjoy!


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