Travel and Earn

Key Takeaways

  • There are ways to take some time off to do something you like to do and make a little money to help pay for it.
  • The gig economy applies to more than just ride-sharing or home-renting services. There are many seasonal job opportunities that you can pick up when and where you want.
  • With a little prior planning, you could pick up a seasonal gig for a few months and enjoy an activity that you love doing, get some travel in, and be able to pay for it.

I know several people who have retired and who golf. During the summertime, some of them will put time in at the golf course to make a little extra money. It basically pays for them to take these little odd jobs at the golf course so they can golf and make ends meet. It’s a little bit of a gig economy.

Now you can take your traveling show on the road. What I mean here is that you can take time off for a few weeks or a few warm months, and go to various places around the country to participate in different events and make a little money. You could even be a traveling carnie! I know it sounds funny, but you could be doing these different seasonal jobs, enjoying both the work you like to do and the location you work in. Two birds with one stone.

It’s an idea to look at, so you can decide what you want to do and plan it into your year. You can have some fun doing whatever it is you like doing and have a little bit of money coming in to help you pay for that extra expense of living someplace else for a few months. It’s another way to look at the gig economy, of which I’ve talked about in the past with Uber and some others out there.

You can take advantage of these gig opportunities by searching online for resources and then figure out how it would fit in to your life and how you like to operate.

Until next time, enjoy.


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