Unplug to Unwind

Key Takeaways

  • Vacations are an important part of ensuring you have the time to reset and recharge your batteries to get back to work refreshed and ready for what’s next.
  • Today’s constant connectivity with smart devices means many people don’t truly disconnect during their vacations and end up never fully recharging.
  • Try an old-style vacation with no TV or smart devices to really disconnect during your vacation.

Sometimes we get used to doing the same thing so often that it is like hitting our head against the wall: when we stop it feels much better. All kidding aside, that is how bad it can get when we don’t take a break, a vacation, from the normal everyday routines of life.

That’s when we know it’s time to change the scenery, otherwise known as taking a vacation.

In the past, we took vacations and never contacted our office. But today, we have smart devices that we take with us everywhere and continue to be connected to work. We end up being too accessible, checking our work e-mail or phone calls and we never get to disconnect or truly have a vacation. We never actually take the time to rejigger our brains to get back to changing everything: the geography, what we do each day, the routines and all the things that allow us to reset ourselves to fill our batteries all the way back up.

If we’d taken the time to unplug and truly enjoy our vacation, when we get back to our regular life, we would be more productive, enjoy our day more, and not be so frustrated or irritated by what’s going on around us.

It’s important if you want to continue to enjoy your life and grow your wealth successfully, to take time off to enjoy your family and take a break. You need vacations from the normal routine to revamp your whole body, your whole element, to recharge and renew yourself. Get rid of all the smart devices and watching TV, and make your vacation a complete old-style back 50-60 years ago kind of vacation, where you focus on connecting with others and relaxing. It will make a huge difference!

Until next time, enjoy.


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