Artificial Intelligence: Taking Our Jobs?

Key Takeaways

  • A lot of people are worried about the possibility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over jobs, leading to a big problem with unemployment.
  • Technology has a history of replacing jobs that are typically dull, dirty, or dangerous, with new jobs.
  • The issue isn’t so much with AI eliminating jobs as it is with having enough people with the skills to fill the new jobs that AI creates.

Do you remember in the cartoon The Jetsons, there was this cute robot named Rosie? She cleaned the house and did all sorts of things for the Jetson family. Well, that’s Artificial Intelligence, or AI.

Some of the discussion out there today about AI is that it is going to take away all the jobs and we’re going to end up with a lot of jobless people. There’s even discussion of creating a Universal Basic Income, or UBI, to combat this issue of joblessness. I don’t know if it will be true that AI is going to take all our jobs, but we have history to look back on to see if that’s ever happened before.

If you were to transport yourself back to the year 1900, you would see this big transition of people from farms to the city to work on assembly lines. You decide to tell them, “You know, your great-grandchildren are going to be doing web page design, graphic artist animation, and all kinds of technology-focused jobs. They will be using applications that make life simpler. Basically, they are going to take the dull, dangerous, and dirty jobs and have technology remove them from the workforce.” They wouldn’t understand a word you said because none of those words even exist in their time!

Technology has constantly replaced jobs over the years. However, as these technologies come out and replace existing jobs, new jobs are created in their place. I don’t believe we’re going to have as big an issue with people being jobless because of AI as we will with people who are not educated or have the skills to fill the new jobs created because of AI. In the United States alone, there are abut six million job openings right now that are going unfilled because we don’t have people with the right skills to fill them. That’s a problem.

There’s a whole discussion out there now that’s talking about this, and about how education needs to change relative to meeting the needs of what the new abundant society will need when AI takes over more of the dull, dangerous, and dirty jobs. So instead of worrying about there being no jobs for people, we need to flip this on its head and focus on how we educate people to take all the new jobs created by AI.

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