What to Listen to on the Beach

Summertime.  For some of us, that means vacation: long road trips, spending time at the beach, camping or at a cabin in the woods.  In addition to packing sunscreen or tick repellant, we also think about what to read or listen to during those leisure hours.

If you’re looking for something besides the usual romance novel or latest golf tips from the pros, why not use some of that time to beef up your knowledge of current topics in business, investments and economics? This month’s blog features some of my favorite podcasts for your listening pleasure* (grouped by how “deep” they are):

These pretty much keep you dry and out of the water:

Vanguard: Investment Commentary – Various investment and economic topics

Odd Lots (Bloomberg Markets) – Various investment and economic topics

Choiceology (Charles Schwab) – Behavioral economics

Make Me Smart (Kai and Molly) – Interesting variety of topics

In the water, but not over your head:

EconTalk (Russ Roberts) – In-depth interviews with interesting people

Behind the Markets (Wharton School of Management) – Various investment and economic topics

Financial Decoder (Charles Schwab) – Practical financial topics

Out on the sandbar:

Masters In Business (Barry Ritholtz) – Investment and business-related interviews

Invest Like The Best (Patrick O’Shaughnessy) – Interviews with different money managers

The Curious Investor (AQR) – Various investment and economic topics

Swimming for the Buoy:

The Meb Faber Show – Interviews with different money managers

The Knowledge Project (Shane Parrish) – Variety of interesting topics

Conversations with Tyler (Tyler Cowen) – In-depth interviews with interesting people

Where to start?  My top pick for summer listening (that won’t put you to sleep) is “Choiceology” with Katy Milkman (Charles Schwab).  This podcast tackles the many behavioral biases we all have to some degree or another, but it’s done in a very creative way.  I never miss a podcast.

“Make Me Smart” is also very well done, with hosts Kai and Molly exploring various topics of current interest.

I also enjoy listening to “EconTalk” and “Conversations with Tyler.”  Russ Roberts and Tyler Cowen are both academic economists and their respective podcasts invariably find interesting authors and topics to discuss in depth.

Have a relaxing and safe summer!

John Finley

*To get started on how to listen to podcasts, click on these links:


How to get Started Listening to Podcasts

Here is how to download podcasts and listen to them on your Android or iOS

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