Honoring All of Our Mentors for All They Have Taught Us

Key takeaways

  • The knowledge and wisdom we have all comes from those who have gone before us.
  • Mentors are among the most important people in our lives.
  • We honor the mentors in our lives by carrying on what they taught us.

We stand on the shoulders of giants. To me, that means that all those who have gone before us, and whom we paid attention to and learned from, have put us in a much higher place than we started from.

Basically, I’ve learned the truth of that from the many mentors I’ve had throughout my life. I had three major mentors with whom I was very involved over the years. One of them, was Ed Coyle. He started this company many years ago in the early ‘70s.

Ed helped me, Kevin, and the others who were here during his time to become very good at our craft. He gave us a real understanding about how to be good at financial coaching—to be able to do the things that our clients have really come to expect from us.

I think we honor our mentors by continuing to do those things they taught us to do, but also remain humble about the fact that we didn’t learn these things on our own. It’s true, I have not ever had an original thought. Everything you hear coming from me, someone else told me. I may have put the concept out in a different way, put my own spin on it, but it didn’t come from me originally.

Another important mentor of mine died last fall and was a client from 30 years back. Actually, many of my mentors were clients. Gentlemen and women who really taught me countless lessons about life and how to deal with money in the midst of it. I find it very exciting to meet people with more knowledge than I have, and who possess a deeper wisdom around money and how it relates to everything in their lives.

I try, as your humble scribe here, to share some of that with you and to help you think about those things in a different way. But I want to make it clear that everything you hear from me, or you see written by me, has come from someone else in my life who was kind enough to share it with me. Hopefully, I listened well enough to then turn around and give it back to the rest of the world.

Today, we’re sharing our knowledge on this video medium and it’s going to last forever. I think this is vitally important. If we go back 40 or even 30 years ago, we’ll find that we’ve lost a lot from many mentors because it came in written word form or via oral tradition. It’s so difficult to find and recover that wisdom.

Technological advances have given us the capability to use video and podcasts as well as the typical blog platforms for sharing information. I’m using these tools to capture the wisdom I’ve gained over the years from my many mentors and present it to you.

Every June, I think about our founder and his passing, as well as the huge impact he made on this company. We hope we’re making a huge impact on your lives, as best we can, in his name and those who came before him, so you can live better and feel better around your own money. Until next time, enjoy.


Gary Klaben is in our Glenview, IL office and serves our clients who are now located all over the country.  He has over 30 years of experience and is the author of Changing the Conversation, Wealth of Everything and co-author of The Business BattlefieldWhether advising his clients, mentoring his team, or coaching entrepreneurs, he is always simplifying complexity and motivating others to take the next action that’s right for them.

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