6 Things That Are the New Normal

Key Takeaways

  • The pandemic has affected the ways in which we live.
  • COVID-19 has gone on for long enough that many of these changes have become our “new normal.”
  • These “new normals” bring with them some positive changes…and we may not want to return to the old ways of doing things.

Attending a new school, starting a new job, becoming a parent…life is full of these types of changes, along with many more. Each time we find ourselves in a new situation, we have to learn how to acclimate to survive and succeed. We have to ask ourselves, “What’s the new normal now?”

The COVID-19 pandemic is certainly one of these big changes. From March 2020 to the present, we’ve been forced to adopt new ways of doing things. Bill Gates had conducted TED Talks a few years ago where he touched on six things that have become or will become normalized as a result of a pandemic. Very prescient based on how these prognostications are unfolding presently.

Number one is remote meetings. We’ve become accustomed to meeting remotely and people tend to be more agreeable to this method of communication than they were even one year ago.

Number two, software improvements are rapidly changing. Technology is evolving and improving to meet the demands of employees, as so many people have had to shift to working remotely.

Number three is office rotation. Companies are sharing office space that might otherwise go unused, saving on rent as a result.

Number four, people are choosing to live in different locations. For those with jobs that can be done remotely, commuting is no longer an issue, and they can live just about anywhere. Large U.S. cities are currently seeing people leaving their high-rent apartments to move to small towns where housing is more affordable.

Number five is a stronger connection to one’s community. People aren’t spending all day at a downtown office, only to come home for a few hours at night. Instead, they’re working from home or a local coffee shop, popping in at restaurants and boutiques close to home during lunch breaks, and going for walks around their neighborhoods after work instead of spending an hour in the car to commute home. These are little connections that, despite the disconnected times we live in, are causing people to be more in tune with their communities.

Finally, there’s number six, which is that the next pandemic won’t be as bad. We’ll have a better understanding of how to cope with it, should we have another one in our lifetimes.

Just some food for thought as we adjust to life these days and you normalize your own situation. Until next time, enjoy.




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