What’s Your Purpose?

Key Takeaways

  • Everyone needs purpose in life.
  • The pandemic caused a lot of people to elevate the importance of having a purpose.
  • How do you apply purpose when it comes to your money?

Pre-pandemic, having a purpose in life, while important, may not have been our top priority. For many people, COVID changed that. Indeed, any health scare tends to cause us to shift our priorities and puts the spotlight on the purpose in our lives. It’s human nature to examine what’s really important when we’re faced with our own mortality.

As a result of the pandemic, we’ve seen a shift in the workplace. People are looking for more fulfillment in their jobs, wanting to be involved in something bigger than themselves, something that moves them to come into work each day. If you can find a role like that, it’s very special and can certainly feed your purpose.

If you’re retired, you might ask yourself, “What’s my MVP?” That is, what’s your Meaning, Value, and Purpose? What do you give value to? What do you give meaning to? What’s your purpose? You’re no longer in the workforce, but doing something else, and you’ll want to find fulfillment in that.

What about when it comes to money? How would you apply this?

Well, you might gift money to children or grandchildren to help them along – perhaps to help them with buying their first home or help support them so they are able to get a job. You could set up a 529 college savings plan or a UTMA account/custodial account to set money aside so they won’t have to take on huge student loans. Or you could do something even more formal and start a grandchild trust, where you have more control over how and when the money is spent.

There’s also the option of gifting to non-profit charities. This could be gifts of money, certainly, but it could also be gifts of your time, volunteering for a cause that is important to you. You could also go bigger and establish a donor-advised fund to put money away for larger monetary donations. Ultimately, you can create private foundations which are more formal, where you get other family members involved.

These are all purpose-driven situations. They usually provide a lot of meaning and give value to people in their lives. So, whether you’re working or retired, ask yourself what your MVP is and think about how to achieve your purpose. Until next time, enjoy.


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