Hundred Year Curriculum

Key Takeaways

  • Whether we like it or not, we’re expected to attend school for a certain number of years.
  • There’s a lot more learning to be done outside of the classroom.
  • Get on the hundred-year curriculum and you’ll be a lifelong learner.

When you were growing up, did you ever have an adult tell you “Just wait until you get out into the REAL world” or “The school of hard knocks will teach you what you won’t learn in school”? For some, these might’ve been terrifying thoughts, but for others, it may have been exciting to think about leaving the confines of school and learning from the “real world.”

Now that you’re the adult, if you have young people you know who are still in school, you can do them a favor by reminding them of this same thing – albeit with a more positive spin! Explain to them that they’re on a hundred-year curriculum.

What does that mean? Well, the first part of the curriculum is pretty set – we’re expected to follow certain educational standards, such as starting kindergarten at age five, and so forth. Interestingly, some of the rigidity around education has diminished, due to COVID. Schools have had to be more flexible about how things are done, and there have been some positive things to come out of that.

For some students, though, no amount of flexibility at school compares to finally getting out into the real world – they just can’t wait to get out there to learn from experiences instead of textbooks. This second part of life’s curriculum is one that never ends.

So talk to the young people in your life about the importance of always learning. Not only will it help with brain health and function, but it will serve them well all through life. The school of hard knocks might be tough, but the results are wonderful. Until next time, enjoy.




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