A New Way to Retire - Part 1

A New Way to Retire - Part 1

Mitch AnthonyMitch Anthony is the founder and President of mitchanthony.com, whose companies include My Financial Life Planning Tools and The Financial Life Planning Institute. He also writes and hosts the syndicated radio feature, The Daily Dose. To obtain a copy of the latest edition of Anthony’s book, “The New Retirementality,” contact Coyle Financial Counsel or go to Amazon.

From his perspective, Mitch Anthony sees retirement as an unnatural act. In his book, “The New Retirementality,” Anthony says the conventional ideas about retirement and racing to an “artificial finish line” at 62 or some other magical number are not only inappropriate, but are unproductive. He points to research that indicates that a life of total ease is one step from a life of disease. “Disillusionment rates are sky high for retirees. According to one survey, 41 percent say retirement was the most difficult adjustment of their life, and most still struggle with the monotony, boredom, lack of purpose and lack of intellectual stimulation that traditional retirement offers.” The New Retirementality is about living rich, not dying rich.

41% say retirement was the most difficult adjustment of their life

In his recent article in the September 2011 edition of “Financial Advisor,” Anthony writes, “The trend of people choosing to work into their 60s, 70s and even 80s is now a fact of life. Whether people choose to work for economic reasons, existential reasons or an amalgam of the two, it is indisputable that the trend toward working longer is part and parcel of the retirement discussion.”

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