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9 Tips for College Grads

It’s that time of year again when newly minted grads leave college campuses nationwide to enter the workplace. It’s never an easy transition, but I’ve got nine tips for college grads as they launch themselves into their new lives.

Gifting to Your Grandchildren

You know, there is nothing like listening to the joy of first-time grandparents talking about a new grandchild. It’s a very exciting time for them. And with that joy, it doesn’t take long for proud grandparents to broach the subject of paying for that wonderful new grandchild’s college education.

College Funding for Grandchildren

We have lots of great experiences with our clients here at Coyle Financial. But probably the greatest one is when we get a call about them becoming new grandparents. They’re very excited about their new grandchild – best thing that has happened in their life. A substantial life-changer.

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