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Reason Driven Decisions

Key Takeaways Sometimes our emotions get the best of us when we’re making important decisions in life. When faced with emotionally driven decisions, a process

6 Things That Are the New Normal

Key Takeaways The pandemic has affected the ways in which we live. COVID-19 has gone on for long enough that many of these changes have

5 Habits to Stay Focused

Key Takeaways Many people are finding it difficult to focus in these stressful times. Our usual routines have been disrupted, and it may be tough

Who Not How

Key Takeaways The next time you’re trying something new, think “Who Not How.” Trying to figure something out on your own can be a struggle

Where Luck Comes From

Key Takeaways Luck may be defined as when chance meets opportunity. While we may consider some people lucky, it’s likely they’ve put some effort into

Focus on the Big Picture

Key Takeaways If you focus on the big picture of what you want to accomplish, life is much less stressful. It’s easy to get bogged

Zoom Towns

Key Takeaways COVID-19 has affected the way we live in many ways, and for some people, that includes where they live. For those who have

Effective Communication

Chances are, at some point or another, you’ve come across someone with whom you just couldn’t see eye to eye with. Perhaps you chalked it up to a clash of personality, but it’s possible it was related to something with which neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) could have helped.

6 Money Truths

Occam’s razor is a concept that, when faced with multiple possibilities, the simplest explanation is the one most likely to be correct. Applying the principle of Occam’s razor to money matters, there are some simple truths that are good to keep in mind. Some of these truths may be found in a recent CNBC article, “The 12 most overlooked truths of money and life.”

Is 2020 the Worst Year Ever?

If you ever listened to Paul Harvey’s radio show, you know that he’d tell a story and then say, “And now for the rest of the story.” He’d go on to give the punchline, which might be a completely unexpected ending. The “rest of the story” relates to three P’s that are worth considering when it comes to 2020: presumptive, preposterous, and perspective.

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