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Some Thoughts About Pain

Pain is one of the universal facts of our existence.  We’ve all experienced it.  And pain is not just physical; it includes psychological and emotional pain as well.  Reflect for a moment on your most painful experiences.  Vivid scenes often come to mind, as do the sights and sounds in great detail (thankfully, our recollection of the actual pain is greatly diminished over time).  Is it any wonder that we go to such great lengths to avoid it or to get relief from it?

Declining Stock Valuations: Four Things to Consider

In the aftermath of the recent stock market volatility, market observers and financial media pundits were quick to attribute causes: fear of the Federal Reserve raising short-term interest rates too high, computerized trends following trading algorithms, an economic slowdown in China, the U.S. economy heading into a recession, Brexit, a slowdown in corporate earnings (just to name a few).

Keep Calm and Carry On

As of November 20th, the U.S. stock market is flat year-to-date, having given up all gains for the year.  The story for foreign stock markets is worse, down double-digits for the year. After one of the calmest years on record in 2017, this year has seen volatility return with a vengeance with two market declines greater than 10% from a previous market high.

Cryptocurrency Confusion

Remember the 1850s through 1900, when people travelled west to California, then ultimately to the Klondike to search for gold and strike it rich? Very few of them ended up finding enough gold to make any money. Most of them went bust and had a pretty rough time. This is kind of what is happening right now with cryptocurrencies, and blockchain in particular. There’s a lot of confusion, and there is money to be made, but very carefully. So, let’s break it down a bit.

The Rule of 72

NCIS is a show that’s been on for about 14 years, and the actor Mark Harmon plays a character called Gibbs on the show. Gibbs has all these rules he operates on. There’s Rule 12 where you don’t do this, or Rule 15 where you always do that, and many other rules that he brings up throughout the show. Gibbs’ rules remind me of something in the financial world that helps make life a little simpler: The Rule of 72.

Begin With the End in Mind

There is a famous book that came out in 1989 called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. The number two habit in the book is “Begin with the end in mind.” It’s an interesting way of looking at life, one we don’t often think of, but as the name of the book suggests, it’s effective.

5 Key Money Issues

Life is full of issues. We worry about our health, family, the economy, the weather, politicians, the government, and so on. I want to look at five issues that successful investors have when it comes to their wealth.

5 Stock Market Truths

Always buy stocks when the market is down. Never buy stocks when the market is down. You’ve probably heard both of these arbitrary truths, but that’s what happens when we have these rules in our head about the stock market that aren’t really based on anything.

Where is the safest place to pull money in a down market?

Jim Ryun was going for the gold in the metric mile at the 1972 Munich Olympics. In his semifinal race, he got tripped up and fell with about two laps to go. He got up and ran valiantly, but he could not catch the leaders and didn’t make the final. He just didn’t have enough time to make up the difference and ultimately didn’t get a shot at the gold.

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