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What’s Your Purpose?

Key Takeaways Everyone needs purpose in life. The pandemic caused a lot of people to elevate the importance of having a purpose. How do you

Growing From a Place of Simplicity

Key Takeaways If you’re trying to grow and improve, it’s tough to do that when things are complex. Instead, simplify things to make it easier

6 Things for Good Health

Key Takeaways There are some basic things we all need for our well-being. These six necessities are the foundation of good health. Take a moment

Achieve Goals with Tiny Habits

Key Takeaways When we look at goals we set for ourselves, they sometimes seem very difficult to achieve. By breaking goals down into small changes,

Consistently Good Decisions

Key Takeaways Wisdom comes from education and experience, but there are other factors as well. There are cognitive strategies that play a role in wisdom.

Stay in Motion

Key Takeaways Success isn’t instantaneous. If you have a goal you want to reach, start taking action. Once you start, don’t stop – stay in

8 Rules to Live By

Key Takeaways Our country lost a great statesman and professional soldier when Colin Powell passed away in October 2021. He wrote an autobiography, My American

Long-Term Strategic Patience

Key Takeaways Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up. It’s important to think about the small steps we can take toward our long-term

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