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Hundred-Year Curriculum

Key Takeaways Whether we like it or not, we’re expected to attend school for a certain number of years. There’s a lot more learning to

7 Things to Say to Yourself Daily

Key Takeaways Steve Jobs offered some words to live by a few years back. The wisdom he offered is something you can repeat to yourself

Welcome 2021!

For many of us, putting 2020 behind us is a welcome thought. It’s certainly been a challenging year for the entire world, and finally viewing

Being Thankful in 2020

If you had to describe 2020 in one word, what might that be? Challenging? Difficult? Curveball? Many of us felt a bit blindsided by what

Connectivity 2.0: The New Normal

We have changed the way we’ve done things over the last month or so, one of them is how we shop for groceries.  As we phase back into the economy,

Gary is Not Normal

Patrick Holmes sat down with Gary to learn his personal story. It was an incredibly impactful experience and provides insight into why Gary does what he does and what motivates him. It’s titled “Gary is Not Normal,” and even clients who have known Gary for many years may learn some new things!

2020: The Future is Here!

It may seem unbelievable that we’re already saying hello to the year 2020! Weren’t we just counting down to the year 2000? Believe it or not, we’ve far surpassed the “set in the future” movie timeframes of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Back to the Future Part II (Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to 2015). Even Blade Runner’s futuristic world of flying cars and space colonies was set in what is now the past (last month, to be exact)!

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