Charitable Planning

Giving more for less is the best way to give. 

Most donors giving to charity do so in a non-efficient way. We want your charities and you to gain the most from each donation. We will develop a strategy that will integrate your charitable giving objectives, tax situation, financial plan (cash flow), and estate implications.

Whether you are working with donor advised funds, private foundations, or split-interest trusts such as a Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Lead Trust, we will advise you on the best design for you. 

Do you want your assets to make the biggest impact to organizations or causes that mean the most to you?

The “how-to” related to this question is a critical component and an important piece of your financial plan.  Our clients look to us for helping them maximize their resources to do the most good.

Consider a TransformingWealth Preview Meeting

We will create a mind map to help you visualize all the different financial and non-financial variables that make up your financial life.

We start with asking you a lot of questions that help uncover what is important to you. Our complimentary TransformingWealth Preview will give you a small picture of the power of visual financial planning. 

Use our contact form or call (800) 480-7913; we will send you a questionnaire and schedule a meeting at one of our three offices (Wheaton, IL, Glenview, IL or Naples, FL).