Coyle Financial Counsel’s Matt Koupal’s Son is an Inspiration

Coyle Financial Counsel’s Matt Koupal’s Son is an Inspiration


Matt Koupal's son was recently featured on NCTV17 News. Read NCTV17’s Natalie Vitale Reports Below:

Matt Koupal and his wife started caring for foster children more than 20 years ago; when his wife went to pick up their third foster infant something was different, so she called her husband.

“I could tell from her voice really, this was going to be the son we never had. I could just tell. So, after going through the seven families that had said they wanted Luke and turned him down after they had met him and saw all of his special needs, he was blind at the time, had a hole in his heart, was never projected to walk or have teeth or hair or anything. He just seemed like he would be too much for people to take on. But we decided that we had fallen in love with him. So we decided to adopt him and bring him into our family,” said Koupal.

Today, Luke has regained most of his sight, and hearing – allowing him to play computer games, and things doctors once deemed impossible like the ability to talk and walk are an everyday occurrence.

Luke is even the CEO of his own business, he and his dad started Shredigator, a confidential and secure document destruction company.

“It came about in a few evolutions of ideas but shredding is something that he can do and he enjoys. Its kind of fun, he sits there and feeds the documents in and he likes going out and meeting with the customers, we reach out to individuals as well as businesses. We put locking containers in their offices and when they are full we come in and swap them out and he shreds them at home. He enjoys the sales calls and goes on every one of them, any good sales person asks for the order and he does that. But it gives him purpose we are really made and designed to work and have a purpose,” said Koupal.

While the path to Shredigator wasn’t an easy one, the Koupal family hopes it inspires others to overcome adversity.

“I say to those parents get out there and see what can happen. It can make such a difference in your life, it can be so rewarding for you as a person. I know you’re exhausted, I know that these kids are relentless, I know that its 24/7, I know that you love them tremendously, just don’t give up on them,” said, Koupal.

Do you know someone with a child with special needs?

Financial planning is important for everyone, but families with children who have special needs have unique planning challenges. Contact Matt Koupal to learn more about InsightMapping and how we can help you create a visual map where you see both the financial and non financial variables that make you your financial life so you get a clear picture on how to manage your financial life. Learn more and schedule an InsightMap Preview Meeting.

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If you live in the Wheaton area and what like to learn more about Luke’s business, visit his website at