Is your advisor 'mind mapping' with you?

Is your advisor 'mind mapping' with you?

The answer is likely no, but mind mapping is starting to get noticed by other financial planners. Recently, Rob O'Dell was quoted in a CNBC article entitled, "'Mind-mapping' connects advisors with clients". In the article Deborah Nason explains why "mind maps" are transforming how advisors communicate with clients and staff and how they organize information.

Coyle Financial Counsel is the first fee-only financial planning firm that utilizes mind mapping interactively with clients to help them see both the financial and the non-financial variables. Nason describes a typical meeting with mind-mapping at Coyle Financial Counsel:

During client meetings, participants view presentations on a 60-inch screen. The right-hand side of the mind map portrays more conceptual and social topics, while the left side is for more objective, number-oriented topics.

Rob, who has been using mind-maps since 2010, notes the benefits of mind-mapping:

  • Problem-solving
  • Strategic planning
  • Client document management
  • Brainstorming

"Mind maps totally changed our practice. We don't use pen and paper—all notes are taken on the mind map." -Rob O'Dell

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