LTC Planning - Why It’s Never Too Early A Personal Bitter-Sweet Story - Part 2

LTC Planning - Why It’s Never Too Early A Personal Bitter-Sweet Story - Part 2

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I told my friends and family members about the four things I heard in my car, so I would have witnesses before the results came in from the CAT scan. Sure enough, the doctor told me I had a fibroid tumor on my ovary, that I didn’t need surgery and that we should just monitor it.

I knew the doctor was going to think I was crazy, but I told him what God said to me in the car. I agreed with him that I sounded like a nut, but I told him about a scripture verse that says how the “sheep know the shepherds voice” and that I believed in what I heard. I implored him to do some type of exploratory surgery because I was now certain fibroid tumors weren’t my problem. He was very reluctant and ultimately agreed, but he wanted to wait until after the Christmas holidays, to conduct the procedure.

Since this sort of thing ran in my family, and since I really needed to make my sales goal, I normally would have just listened to the doctor and agreed to future monitoring. I believe God knew that would be my course of action and I believe that is why He communicated so clearly and specifically to me in the car.

I am very grateful and blessed that He chose to speak to me, that I listened and that the doctor agreed to perform the exploratory procedure the first week in December. This doctor was an OBGYN and because I knew it was going to be more serious than a fibroid tumor, I also insisted there be a backup surgeon on standby.

When I woke up after the surgery, the doctor said, “Lynn, you must have a close relationship with God, because if we would have waited on the surgery, we would not be having this conversation.” He proceeded to tell me that it was not a fibroid tumor, that it was colon cancer, that the cancer had broken through the colon wall, went into my lymph nodes and my appendix was removed because it was ready to burst. They felt it was Stage IV and could be terminal.

I learned I would need to go through a year of treatment which included chemotherapy, radiation, multiple surgeries and that I would never be able to have children! I started to have a panic attack over all of this and the realization that I really never would have a family was almost too much to bear. But then, I started to focus on the four things that God told me and how the first three came true. I had hope remembering that God said, “…take heart, I will provide for you”! (You’re not going to believe this, but the back-up surgeon’s name was Dr. Hartz!)

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