LTC Planning - Why It’s Never Too Early A Personal Bitter-Sweet Story - Part 3

LTC Planning - Why It’s Never Too Early A Personal Bitter-Sweet Story - Part 3

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Barbie Finds Her Ken

Let’s back up to examine my love life (or lack thereof) prior to this ordeal. I hadn’t had a date in over two years. As a devout Christian, I wanted to find a man that was willing to go the distance with me and share my spiritual beliefs. That’s not easy to find when you’re almost 40.

A couple of weeks prior to the surgery, I again heard God’s voice. He was telling me to stop at this dating service I used to use, but hadn’t been to in about 8 years. Seriously? Why on earth would God direct me to a dating service at this particular time? I followed the directive and went. I drove home and tried to sleep that night, but the receptionist at the service began to randomly pop into my head numerous times and for no reason, I didn’t even know her. After several days of this, I called her. I spilled my guts to her, telling her that I was looking for a devoutly Christian man. She remembered me from when I stopped in and she shared that I had been on her mind daily as well. She told me there was a new member that might be perfect for me. In fact, she said that we would be “like Barbie and Ken” together. As if that weren’t enough, a close friend had given me a Barbie and Ken doll years ago and told me that God has the perfect Ken in mind for me and not to settle for anything less.

The guy, named Brad, phoned me the next day from the airport on his way to France for business and we made plans to meet on Saturday. I told him of my “out-patient” procedure I had scheduled that week, just in case I wasn’t up for meeting on Saturday. He was going to call me the night of my surgery to cheer me up as I convalesced at home.

As you know, my surgery turned out to be a little more serious than planned, so I didn’t make it home that night. Even though he hadn’t even seen a picture of me yet and he was still in France, he tried to reach me at the hospital to see if I had been admitted. He finally reached me at the hospital the next day, as he called me from the airport again on his return from France.

I let him know about my cancer right away, so he could gracefully bow out of the whole situation. But he didn’t bow out. Instead, we ended up talking for hours and connected in an incredibly deep way during that call. We did keep our Saturday date, two days after surgery and Brad showed up at the hospital with a huge bouquet of flowers and he stayed until after midnight.

This wonderful man courted me through cancer and all the treatments and married me about a year later on May 1, 1999. Barbie found her Ken! Brad’s two children, a son and a daughter, rounded out my dream of having children. God kept His promise and He did “provide for me”.

I was off work for a year during my cancer treatments and was planning my wedding at the same time. It was such a time of bitter-sweet! I will never forget on my last hospital stay when I was so sick of being sick and I started to feel despair. For the first time in my life I was not in control, I was totally vulnerable, completely helpless and there was absolutely nothing I could do to change the situation. I started thinking about those elderly women waiting for their CAT scans and wondering if they were home alone with no one to care for them. The fear of being alone and being sick or just being sick and needing someone to help care for me felt worse than having the cancer. I felt that dying would be a better option than being helpless.

Then, I forced myself to start counting my blessings and thinking how grateful I was that I had good Health Insurance to pay for my medical bills and that I had Disability Insurance to pay for my lost wages. However, I had previously turned down the opportunity to sign up for Long Term Care Insurance from my employer because I thought I was still too young. How could I have been that reckless? I had been working in the insurance industry for over twenty years. How did I decide that the risk of needing care wasn’t important enough to pay the premiums for that security!

Because my cancer was so serious, I had to wait eleven years before I could even apply for Long Term Care Insurance. I mailed my application the week of that eleven-year anniversary and thank God I was issued a policy. That policy is worth every penny and I don’t think twice about paying that premium.

I just finished another year of cancer treatment, this time for breast cancer at the age of 54. I can assure you; this time around I wasn’t worried about who would care for me or how I would pay the cost. We never know when our health will change which could prevent us from insuring this risk. I am so passionate about educating people on this subject, that I have become an independent, CLTC licensed insurance agent specializing in Long Term Care Planning. I help people understand there are many options in insuring long term care costs and various ways to fund the premiums.

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