Mind mapping makes Coyle different than any other wealth management firm

Some maps are only about physical location. Coyle Financial Counsel’s “mind maps” are about location, direction, vision and informed decision-making. 

As part or our TransformingWealth™ process, mind maps play a pivotal role in helping you make wise decisions. By visually merging all the financial and non-financial aspects of your life, you'll be empowered with newfound clarity to gain control and make intelligent decisions.

For years, we have been using mind maps to help clients understand, manage, grow, and simplify their wealth.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The key to providing truly personalized wealth management services lies in the up-front investigation of a client’s unique situation, including finances but also lifestyle and important relationships. Inspired by the power of mind mapping our own business, we started using mind mapping diagramming software with clients to elicit key information and clearly show how relationships and goals all intertwine. Coyle's TransformingWealth utilizes mind mapping as an integral part of how we deliver superior service.

The value of detailed mind map diagrams  – for visually organizing client information and aiding memory, visual thinking, and problem-solving – makes TransformingWealth truly unique.

An example: mind mapping in action 

An older brother exiting a long-time family business asked for advice in negotiating the sale of his portion of the business to his younger brother, who was interested in assuming full ownership and eventually passing the business along to his own children. Simple enough, right?

Not exactly. The brothers’ emotions elicited differing points of view as to who had more responsibility for the success of the business. Identifying all parts that needed to properly fit into the mix was initially confusing, ambiguous, and, more critically, impassioned.

Seeing a map on the screen changed the whole process. The men became personally engaged with answering a series of questions related to their business, family dynamics, interactions, responsibilities, and important goals. Answers were recorded and mapped – with the visual becoming increasingly intertwined and resulting in clarity of past responsibilities and resources.

So instead of a very ugly business divorce following the brothers’ varying assertions of “who did what” for the business, mind mapping instead clearly identified the true scenario. The brothers then extrapolated key information from the mind map, providing a clear and amiable financial solution to follow.

Seeing is believing

Mind mapping is a key part of our TransformingWealth service. In fact, we are one of the first wealth management firms utilizing mind mapping interactively with clients.

We are so confident that TransformingWealth will bring new clarity and a realistic understanding of how the emotional and financial work together that we made it easy to get started. Sign up for a TransformingWealth Preview Meeting. This complimentary consultation will allow you to experience mind mapping and the power of TransformingWealth – and help you to take control of your financial life. 

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