My Design Map - Dance Lessons 101

My Design Map - Dance Lessons 101

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I love to dance—anyone who’s seen me at a wedding knows that I’m always the first one on the floor. Now, the fact that I like to dance does not necessarily mean that I’m any good. Oh, I can stay on beat, especially if it’s a song from my college days - Rubberband Man (Spinners) comes to mind, but I’m no John Travolta. My wife hung a framed collage of motivational sayings on the wall; one of which summarizes my philosophy, “Dance like no one is watching”. That’s me.

This seemingly innocuous quote—and my unabashed love of the dance—spun me into a rather reflective mood. What makes me…me?  I pondered this during my interior monologue. If I have a unique design, then what is it exactly? And how can it help me fulfill the purpose God has for me?

Over the years, I’ve read quite a few books and taken any number of aptitude tests. Throughout this quest, people whom I admire have both challenged and encouraged me. Still part of me felt that, although I was doing all of the necessary dancing, that if only I had better foot placement or stronger holds and turns that I could better utilize my knowledge and wisdom. Then it hit me… why don’t I use a mind map?

I was introduced to the concept of mind mapping when two of my colleagues and I attended a financial planning conference. Gary Klaban of Coyle Financial Counsel was the presenter—he explained that he employed mind mapping to facilitate client interactions. Our firm was new at the time and we quickly glommed on to the concept. This new tool quickly became part of our company DNA at Coyle Financial Counsel. We began to use mind mapping for all our processes and found it worked exceptionally well as a collaborative tool. Now, you could say that we live in map-ville.

There are plenty of resources to consult that can explain why mind mapping works so well, so I wont' go into all of that.  But, I do want you to know that we use mind mapping in every aspect of our business. Our clients get the benefit of this interactive experience as we guide them through the Wheaton Insights Map™ so they can visually organize their financial planning information.

Join me as I work my way around what we’re calling My Design Map. My hope is that together we can build a practical tool that will assist us in recording and recalling important information and help drive us to purposeful action. Plus, it’s got a great beat and you can dance to it.

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