New Book Release! The Four Corners – Where Your Estate Plan Becomes a Living Legacy - Part 1

New Book Release! The Four Corners – Where Your Estate Plan Becomes a Living Legacy - Part 1

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We are excited to announce the upcoming release of the new book, “The Four Corners–Where your estate plan becomes a living legacy”. This book is a collaboration between Brad Galbraith, an attorney with Hahn, Loeser & Parks LLC, the original architect of the Four Corners Estate Plan, and coauthors Mike Kilbourn of Kilbourn Associates, and Rob O’Dell, principal of Coyle Financial Counsel.

“This is not just another book that explains the rules of estate planning. The Four Corners Estate Plan reveals the full range of estate planning possibilities and was written to help families explore how an estate can cultivate, create, and inspire,” notes Galbraith. It represents the cumulative years of experience and wisdom the authors have amassed in helping affluent families create enriching legacies.

Galbraith says that what inspired him to write this book was that, “So many people do estate planning using a standard template or cookie-cutter approach. Their primary focus is on saving money, minimizing taxes and avoiding probate. While these aspects are important, their estate planning approach should, first and foremost, be driven by what is best for their families.”

“Every family is unique and most people do not realize that there are so many options through which they can create an estate plan that is custom-tailored to their situation,” adds Galbraith.

Galbraith invited Mike Kilbourn and Rob O’Dell to co-author sections of the book to offer readers a broader perspective on estate planning. They both have years of experience and specialized expertise in insurance, wealth transfer planning and charitable planning.

“Mike, Rob and I have learned through our practices in helping wealthy families plan, protect and grow their estates that you don’t build a legacy by creating a template estate plan. For your legacy to be truly enduring, you need a customized plan that reflects your individual family situation, priorities and values,” notes Galbraith.

The Four Corners Estate Plan will enable you to explore a whole host of options and expand your sense of what’s possible in advanced planning. The authors share strategies long used by the ultra wealthy to help you make ultra smart decisions to create a legacy for generations to come.

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