Once Was Blind But Now Can See

Once Was Blind But Now Can See

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I could tell from the special soft tone of my wife’s voice that I would soon have a son. JoAnne had just picked up our third newborn foster baby, Luke Michael, from Christ Hospital following his extra three-day observation stay. Dubbed an “FLK”, hospital-speak for “Funny Looking Kid”, Luke had been born with severe autism and a related array of abnormalities including blindness, holes in his heart, epilepsy, joint stiffness and muscle problems. His prognosis was grim –no sight, no walking, no teeth, short stature, no hair – to name a few of the predictions. But what seemed bad, God made for good.

Our then 8- and 9- year old daughters were thrilled when we decided to adopt Luke into our family. Other tearful relatives were less excited, fearing Luke’s needs would consume our freedom and energy and ruin our happy lives. But miracle after miracle appeared before us as God touched Luke’s life. He gained his sight even though his optic nerve is too small to conduct nerve impulses. He grew teeth and hair; learned to walk and run. He has a great sense of humor and loves Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny. However, Luke remains an FLK. He was never part of the “birthday party crowd” and gets varied responses wherever he goes, mostly kind but usually distant. His needs are too complex; his social skills are too withdrawn.

Then he joined Young Life Access in Naperville, a ministry dedicated to providing teens with disabilities the chance to experience growing and fulfilling friendships, to engage in activities that challenge their physical limits, to grow their potential, and to explore the relevance of faith in their lives.

Luke has learned valuable independence skills through Young Life Access. He has gone to Timberwolf Lake camp, Polar Bear weekend and a special weekend lake house retreat. These were the only times he has been away from us in his 19 years. He did things he’d never do if we were there – the zip line, the ropes course (he said he fell off and hung there like Tarzan), and hung out with his friends. And we all learned he could do just fine if we weren’t there. I wish his doctors from Christ Hospital could have seen all that.

Enter the Shred-i-Gator. Luke just turned 20 and for many kids like Luke, the future is unclear. Part of raising a child like Luke is to create a plan early on regarding where he will live and what type of employment will be suitable for him when he reaches adulthood. We are trying to help Luke earn his way through life doing meaningful work that fits who he is. The Shred-i-Gator was “hatched” to do just that. He loves shredding paper and takes pride in being able to do things on his own. Luke can now provide a valuable service – secure micro shredding – for those interested in helping him earn his way.

The Shred-i-Gator is a legitimate for-profit business with a simple business model. Luke will deliver a secure locking Shred-i-Gator container to your business. When your box is full of documents to be shredded, call or email the Shred-i-Gator for secure pick-up, transportation to the destruction site and shredding. The Shred-i-Gator even provides a certificate of destruction, just like the big shredding companies. The Shred-i-Gator offers a competitive, flat rate price of $50 per pick-up. Luke takes pride in shredding every piece at his own pace. Most container contents are securely shredded within a couple of days.

When you choose Shred-i-Gator for your business’ confidential document shredding, you give dignity and get peace of mind that your documents are securely handled and properly destroyed. Coyle Financial Counsel is proud to entrust its confidential shredding to the Shred-i-Gator.

For more information about Shred-i-Gator call (630)717-0409, or email [email protected].