Planning for Medical Costs ~ Part of Your Optimal Financial Plan - Part 2

Planning for Medical Costs ~ Part of Your Optimal Financial Plan - Part 2

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In Part 1, we looked at the five different services that Sheri offers to her clients. Here, she helps us make the best use of our healthcare investments.

Stop Throwing Your Healthcare Dollars Away

So, how does Sheri help you optimize the value you get from your healthcare dollars? First, you’ll need to schedule a phone or Web call, with Sheri to discuss your unique situation and your options.

Regardless of whether you’ve just decided to enroll in Medicare Part D for the first time, or you’re re-evaluating your choice for the past year, you’ll need to have certain information handy when you speak to her. “All Part D participants should go through this process every year. Many people don’t and they become complacent,” Sheri says. “The plan you’re on can change its rules and end up costing you more money, even if your meds remain the same”, she continues. Here’s what you need for your meeting:

  • List of all medications – you’ll need to provide Sheri with a complete list of medications you use, including dosage information and the dosage schedule. For example: Lipitor® (generic), 10 mg, once per day; Plaquenil®, 400 mg, once per day; Diruil®, 125 mg, twice per day.
  • Zip code – this is self-explanatory. Provide Sheri with your zip code as this affects plan choice.
  • Drug delivery preference – decide whether you prefer to work with a retail pharmacy or have your medications delivered via mail order. Also, it will help Sheri to know if you have a good working relationship with a local pharmacist at the store where you like to purchase your meds.

“I don’t receive a commission or any other type of compensation other than the flat fee I charge clients. This means that I’m not a licensed insurance salesperson, don’t receive “kick-backs” of any kind, and I work solely and completely for your benefit,” Sheri explains. She went on to tell me that she can’t make the decision about which plan to choose for you, but works with you and guides you along in the process. She typically does this with you while you’re on the Medicare website making the choices.

I asked her how long it typically takes to optimize a person’s Plan D when meeting with her and she had this to say, “There’s no way to really answer that because everyone’s different. But, to optimize a person in their 70s who uses five to 10 prescription medications, it takes about 45 minutes and could take up to 90 minutes, depending on the situation.” So, in less than two hours, you could save a bundle of money every year by allowing Sheri to guide you through the enrollment process.

We trust Sheri Samotin and think she’s a great partner for those of you who want to optimize your healthcare dollars on your Medicare Part D plans. In fact, we’re hosting a Plan D webinar with Sheri for your benefit on October 8th. Did you receive the invitation and reserve your spot? If not, please let us know, so we can get your place secured for this free, yet valuable, event.

We would love to talk about your healthcare plan. Give us a call:

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