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5 Tips for Planning for Retirement

Key takeaways Retirement planning may not be as easy as watching a funny comedy movie, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Although there’s more

Estate and Inheritance Tax

Many years ago, Will Rogers said, “The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.” If you’ve ever tried to navigate the ins and outs of estate and inheritance taxes, you may agree, as they tend to cause a lot of confusion. In fact, wondering what is owed in taxes is the number one question we at Coyle Financial receive from surviving spouses and heirs.

Retirement Habits

You’re probably well aware that car insurance rates for young people are very high. This isn’t surprising, given that they’re inexperienced and more likely to get into accidents. They may be able to drive a car, but there’s a difference between that and really knowing how to drive a car. They have to think about split-second decisions, whereas an experienced driver does so automatically.

Discussing Your Estate Finances with Your Children

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This applies to many things in life, and it certainly applies when sharing information about your money with your children and grandchildren. It’s not always an easy subject to broach, but it doesn’t have to be done all at once. It can be done very slowly, both through actions and conversations, over time.

How to Transition Into Retirement

Ready! Set! Reinvent! That’s the title of our new two-module, 12-lesson course on the topic of pre-retirement. Retirement is something that requires a lot of planning, and if you’re thinking you will be retiring in the next few years, there are five key things to consider to help you plan.

Which Game Are You Playing With Your Money?

Board games and card games can be a whole lot of fun, and they can be especially appealing when you’re looking for something to do on these cold winter nights, but don’t want to leave the house. Of course, they’re not very much fun if you’re playing with the wrong set of rules or if you’re just confused about how to play the game.

Are You In Charge of Your Retirement?

In the military, you always know who’s in charge and who’s in control. There’s a chain of command that everyone understands, there are orders to follow, and strict accountability for following those orders. It makes things clear because the “who, what, when, where, and why” are laid out for you.

10 Must-Have Documents

Here at the office, we have a picture which appeared in The New Yorker magazine back in the 1940s. In it, you see an elderly gentleman sitting next to his lawyer and the caption reads, “Now read me the part again where I disinherit everyone.”

Live Better, Prepare for Longevity

Recently, one of our clients sent me an article from Barron’s on how seniors are living longer and, many times, are unprepared for that longer life. Back in the 1960s and 70s, most people died in their 60s or 70s and within five or ten years after retirement, so there wasn’t much to be concerned about. They didn’t have to worry about outliving their money, or developing dementia, Alzheimer’s, and everything else that can come with old age.

Guest Spotlight – Shannon Hartzler, Estate Planning Attorney

My name is Shannon Hartzler, and I am an estate planning attorney. One of the most common phone calls I get in my practice is, “Hey, my dad died, and he named me as executor, what do I do?” I am going to cover the things you will want to do when a loved one dies.

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