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Five Rules to Abide By When Dealing With Identity Theft

It’s not uncommon to find yourself on the receiving end of questions like, “Where were you born?” or “What’s your date of birth?” These are questions that, in today’s world, you need to be very careful about answering. And according to Frank Abagnale, if you’re on social media, you NEVER want to answer them.

Have You Locked Your Child’s Social Security Number

The day has arrived and you’ve introduced a new bundle of joy to the family. Let’s go over the checklist of what you’ll need: you’ve got diapers and bottles, you have the nursery decorated, and you’ve contacted the credit agencies to get the new baby’s social security number locked. Wait. What’s that last item all about?

3 Steps to Protect Your Identity

Have you ever seen those movies with creepy clowns that are in chairs, under beds, and in other dark places? Really scary, right? You can get that feeling about identity theft, where someone takes your information and wreaks havoc on your life. It can be scary to think that someone can access your information and you might not even know about it.

7 Critical Identity Theft Measures

Remember those commercials in which a woman with a man’s voice is on a shopping spree or an exotic vacation? She’s stolen someone’s identity. At first it’s humorous, but then it’s chilling when you realize, “Boy, this could happen to me.” Don’t let it.

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