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Are NFTs Just Beanie Babies?

There existed for a brief period of time a restaurant called GarfieldEats. It doesn’t exist in the physical world anymore. ViacomCBS decided not to renew

The Financial Fitness Cliff

There’s something about the beginning of a new year that prompts us to reflect on the past and think about the possibilities of the year

Total Return Investing

Investors can give many different answers to the question of why they put their money at risk in the capital markets, but it can be boiled down to just two: We invest to either grow our capital so that we may spend (or gift) it in the future or to produce current income to help support our lifestyle. These two goals have historically suggested two different investment strategies: investing for long-term growth (stocks) or investing for income (bonds). In this month’s blog, we will discuss a third approach, total return investing. Before doing so

Two Key Rules to Preserving Wealth

Remember the 1960s TV show “Sing Along With Mitch”? It featured an animated bouncing ball over the lyrics on the screen with a chorus singing in the background. As a kid, I sometimes found that show confusing. The same thing can happen in managing your investment portfolio. Sometimes investors come in to see us with a portfolio that’s been bouncing all over the investment universe. They’ve been chasing one hot investment after another—usually arriving too late to the party. After all that time, stress and effort, they have disappointing returns and a really dysfunctional portfolio.

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A Comprehensive Guide To Safeguarding Your Financial and Family Wealth.

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