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The Money Mentor

One of the smartest things I’ve ever done in my life and continue to do to this day, is having really great mentors. I can count about five of them since the time I was a young boy until now, and they have made a huge impact on my life. I’m a pretty good mentee, at least that’s what I’ve been told, and that’s because I listen to what my mentors have to say and try to execute what they tell me to do.

The Great Wealth Transfer

When you have big changes you know are coming up in your life, you typically do a lot of preparation. Perhaps it’s buying a house, having a child, maybe buying a second home, big things that require a lot of preparation. You don’t just jump in to them immediately and then think about the ramifications later.

Untapped Talent

I remember reading Thomas Friedman’s book, The World is Flat, back in 2005. It struck me how we no longer need to look locally but can go anywhere in the world to get things done.

Orchestrating Innovation (Free Book Chapter)

In the last blog, I wrote about innovation being everyone’s job in your organization. Your role, as the business owner and leader, is to create an environment that will empower everyone to innovate.

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A Comprehensive Guide To Safeguarding Your Financial and Family Wealth.

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