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Do You Drive Your Own Money?

Key Takeaways Henry David Thoreau’s two years living at Walden Pond were spent pondering how to live a good life and make a good living.

6 Money Truths

Occam’s razor is a concept that, when faced with multiple possibilities, the simplest explanation is the one most likely to be correct. Applying the principle of Occam’s razor to money matters, there are some simple truths that are good to keep in mind. Some of these truths may be found in a recent CNBC article, “The 12 most overlooked truths of money and life.”

Blissfully Married

Name that event: a formal setting, two people in love, shoving cake into each other’s faces. It’s a wedding, of course, and it’s a big life transition. Two of everything become one: households, mindsets, and monies.

Retirement Habits

You’re probably well aware that car insurance rates for young people are very high. This isn’t surprising, given that they’re inexperienced and more likely to get into accidents. They may be able to drive a car, but there’s a difference between that and really knowing how to drive a car. They have to think about split-second decisions, whereas an experienced driver does so automatically.

How to Transition Into Retirement

Ready! Set! Reinvent! That’s the title of our new two-module, 12-lesson course on the topic of pre-retirement. Retirement is something that requires a lot of planning, and if you’re thinking you will be retiring in the next few years, there are five key things to consider to help you plan.

What Do You Spend More On That Brings You Joy?

When you’re first starting out in life, after finishing your schooling and getting your first job as an adult, the most important thing you can do to help your finances is to save first and spend second. This is the one common denominator we see with people who have successfully accumulated wealth over time – they took this to heart early on.

Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue Around Money?

You’ve likely heard of Marie Kondo, organizer extraordinaire. In 2014, she came out with the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which led to a number of products and services, plus a wildly popular Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. She provides people with a framework to make decisions about their possessions, freeing them from their clutter and helping them to live more organized lives.

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