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The Wealth of Everything

We’ve been working on this book called The Wealth of Everything over the last year or so, and it’s now complete. I wanted to talk about it because a lot of these blog posts have been about a variety of different things, and I really want to be clear about what it is that we do for our clients.

Charity Begins at Home with the Family Bank

I’ve heard many people refer to the maxim, “charity begins at home,” when we talk about charity, and you’re probably familiar with the phrase as well. But you may not have heard of something called a family bank. What’s a family bank?

Do You Feel Your Age or Do You Feel Younger?

Recently, the town I live in experienced a little flooding. I stood there watching the water and it rose a bit, but not much. A reporter asked me a question about what I thought might happen with hurricane Florence coming through and I talked with her for a minute. But she immediately latched on to and reported on the evening news with video the part where I suggested Florence could imminently hurt businesses, which was completely out of context. That’s an example of this fake news problem and I actually found out firsthand how it starts and then gets spread around.

7 Tips About Your Overall Money

A good friend — a fellow advisor — from North Carolina talked about what he calls the “seven economic sandbags” in his recent newsletter. This was his first newsletter since Hurricane Florence made landfall. I really like the concept and want to share tips with you about your overall financial situation, based on this concept.

3 Expenses that Will Go Up After Retirement

Early on in my career, as I prepared to go on vacation, a gentleman said to me, “Just remember, when you’re thinking about vacation and planning for it, take half the clothes and twice the money.” I know you’ve heard that one before, but stay with me. Even when you carefully plan your vacation and expect it to go one way, it almost always works out another way. You either take too many clothes, don’t bring enough money, or a combination of both.

4 Tips for a Trial Run on Relocating

Every couple of years, I get a certain dreaded phone call from somebody I know who’s in someplace warm when it’s cold here in the north and they say, “I just bought a house. I’m really excited and we’re going to move here.” I immediately respond by asking, “Have you ever lived there before?” Inevitably, the person on the other end answers, “No, but it’s a great place!”

4 Tips for Financial Confidence

I have personally found that the most important mindset for me to be in on a daily basis is that of a high level of confidence. That mindset overcomes almost all the obstacles out there, and it helps me to achieve my goals and move forward. So, it’s no wonder that I came across a Fox Business article that talks about the four tips for being financially confident:

5 Top Retirement Regrets

I had a client who was a pilot that was forced to retire at age 60. At his retirement party, he had to go out to get some provisions at the store. He drove to the store, parked, turned the keys to shut the car off, and had a heart attack and died. It was shocking for everyone, and obviously a very severe reaction to retirement. However, we almost saw it coming based on the difficult time he had being forced in to retirement.

Do You Have KASH?

Do you have the cash? I’m not talking about c-a-s-h. I am talking about K-A-S-H. In particular, I’m asking if you have this as your retirement mode.

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A Comprehensive Guide To Safeguarding Your Financial and Family Wealth.

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