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Transitioning to Retirement

Back when I was 21, I was on the regimental staff at West Point. This “old” guy, a major—who  was about 36—said to us, “You are now them.” I answered, “Them?” He came back with, “You know, you’re now in charge. You’re now in a position of authority.” I didn’t like that. I liked being us. I didn’t like being them. Honestly, that was the first major life transition I remember where I thought, “This is not fun,” but, of course, I got through it and went on.

Investing When We Don’t Know the Future

We humans hate uncertainty.  Deep down, we want to know how things are going to turn out.   We day-dream about winning the lottery, having the perfect job, enjoying the perfect vacation (with selfies to prove it), buying the perfect house, getting the perfect exam score.  But, because we really can’t control the future, we also worry:  will I ever meet the perfect spouse?  Will the exam results be negative?  Will my children live happy lives?  Will there ever be world peace?  Once and for all, is drinking coffee (or eating eggs) truly good for us?

Some Thoughts About Pain

Pain is one of the universal facts of our existence.  We’ve all experienced it.  And pain is not just physical; it includes psychological and emotional pain as well.  Reflect for a moment on your most painful experiences.  Vivid scenes often come to mind, as do the sights and sounds in great detail (thankfully, our recollection of the actual pain is greatly diminished over time).  Is it any wonder that we go to such great lengths to avoid it or to get relief from it?

Do You Have Money Phobias?

The other day I was looking up phobias and found that there’s a phobia for everything: wind, water, knees, snakes, and all sorts of other things. You name it, there’s probably a phobia associated with it. It’s just how we are as humans. As a society, we have a lot of various phobias. In fact, Transamerica released their 18th annual study in late 2018. It includes a retirement survey that explored the three greatest fears of those heading into retirement. The survey findings aren’t surprising:

Tax Friendly States

You may not know it, but I lived in Alaska for three years. I absolutely loved it, even though it’s very cold. But now, there’s another reason to love Alaska. A recent article from Kiplinger lists the 10 most tax friendly states and guess which state got number one: Alaska. Even so, I’m not sure how many people would actually want to move there. The next two on the list are Wyoming and South Dakota. These are all cold places, so they’re not necessarily the best places to live out your retirement years. The article lists five states that are in what most people would consider the cold northern climes and five in warmer, southern climes. The five warmer states are Nevada, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and Mississippi. But the actual point of the article isn’t about climate; it’s to bring up things to consider—such as tax friendly status—if you end up moving to one of these places, especially during retirement.

5 Tips for Planning for Retirement

Remember the 1981 comedy movie, The History of the World – Part I, starring Mel Brooks? In it, Brooks plays Moses and in one scene we see him coming down from Mount Sinai with three stone tablets. He then says something like, “God has given us these 15…” [He loses grip on one tablet and it smashes and breaks] “Oy, 10 commandments for all of us to obey.”

From Knowledge Worker to Wisdom Worker

Have you heard of Twitch? I only recently heard about it. It’s a social platform that’s based entirely on streaming digital video broadcasts. It’s interesting to learn about these new things, but it just proves that there’s so much new technology out there that I don’t know about. The main reason I’m not aware of these things is because I’m not in that age category anymore—people under the age of 35 or 40.

Declining Stock Valuations: Four Things to Consider

In the aftermath of the recent stock market volatility, market observers and financial media pundits were quick to attribute causes: fear of the Federal Reserve raising short-term interest rates too high, computerized trends following trading algorithms, an economic slowdown in China, the U.S. economy heading into a recession, Brexit, a slowdown in corporate earnings (just to name a few).

The Wealth of Everything

We’ve been working on this book called The Wealth of Everything over the last year or so, and it’s now complete. I wanted to talk about it because a lot of these blog posts have been about a variety of different things, and I really want to be clear about what it is that we do for our clients.

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A Comprehensive Guide To Safeguarding Your Financial and Family Wealth.

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