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Travel and Earn

I know several people who have retired and who golf. During the summertime, some of them will put time in at the golf course to make a little extra money. It basically pays for them to take these little odd jobs at the golf course so they can golf and make ends meet. It’s a little bit of a gig economy.

Hidden Benefits in the Sharing Economy

On a recent visit to Phoenix, I asked my Uber driver how he was doing. “Not so good,” he lamented. “I just ran TurboTax and I’m going to owe $5,000 on the $25,000 I made working outside my regular job for Uber.” He said he had to hire an accountant for the first time. I said, “Just hold on a second,” and I asked him a few simple questions about his finances. Within 10 minutes, we realized that he could eliminate all the tax he thought he owed, and he was thrilled.

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